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  • Is It Harder to Protect Intellectual Property in the Digital Age?

    In recent years, a common echo heard among legal professionals is that it is more difficult to protect intellectual property in the digital age. Danae Vara Borrell recently explored this very idea in a piece for Forbes . Over the past few decades, rapid advances in technology have reduced the amount of time necessary to take a product to market. This coupled with the rise of e-commerce and its ...
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  • Why Are Hernia Mesh Lawsuits So Common?

    Hernias are extremely painful injuries, usually located in the abdominal wall, which occur when an organ, intestine, or fatty tissue pokes through a hole or weak spot in the muscle or connective tissue surrounding it. For several decades, doctors have been using surgical mesh to repair hernias. In the best cases, surgical mesh decreases operative time, reduces the length of the healing process, ...
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  • Can I Sue For Defective Pharmaceutical Products?

    If you or someone you know, has recently been injured by a defective pharmaceutical product, you may be wondering if it’s possible to file a lawsuit, and if so, against whom. Fortunately, the Dallas product liability attorneys at MR Civil Justice have all the answers you need. Read on to learn more, and contact MR Civil Justice for compassionate and tireless representation today. Defective ...
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  • Antitrust Disputes Expected to Rise in 2019

    Throughout 2018, the employment practices of many U.S. companies were subject to increasingly intense pressure when it came to antitrust practices. Though the year is still young, it looks like 2019 is only gong to see this trend continue to grow. Consider that at the federal level, the Department of Justice went after several companies for “no-poach” agreements last year. The DOJ prosecuted these ...
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  • Whose Documents Are They Anyway?

    The Per Se “Government Misconduct” Exception to the Deliberative Process Privilege As with any privilege, proper application of the deliberative process privilege depends on an understanding of its underlying rationale. Courts strive to interpret such privileges as narrowly as possible so as not to unduly burden the judicial search for truth. [ See United States v. Nixon , 418 U.S. 683, 710 (1974) ...
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