Blog Posts in April, 2019

  • Dealing with Aggressive Drivers & Road Rage

    Though it may just seem like a term for someone in a rush, road rage is extreme. Simply put, it can cost the lives of innocent people. Many recognize the experience of driving according to traffic laws when suddenly, a vehicle dangerously speed past as the driver furiously honks and spews profanities. Despite being a safe and aware driver, you cannot predict who you will encounter on the road. ...
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  • What is the 3-Second Rule?

    Of the millions of people on the road, not everyone drives safely and responsibly. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on others to uphold optimal or even acceptable standards of safety. Studies have shown the majority of car accidents happen in under 3 seconds. When you are traveling at high speeds, this may as well be faster than the speed of light for the lack of response time. In 3 seconds or less, ...
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