Blog Posts in May, 2018

  • What to Do When Your Insurance Company Denies Your Car Accident Claim

    Disclaimer: There may be a legitimate reason your insurance company denied your car accident-related claim. However, insurance companies have been known to deny claims as a means of unlawfully withholding necessary funds from policyholders. This can take a variety of forms, including: Refusing to pay a legitimate claim Delaying payment on a legitimate claim Refusing to take necessary measures to ...
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  • Car Accidents & Bad Faith Insurance Claims

    What to Do When Your Insurance Company is Slow or Unreasonable An insurance company may be acting in “bad faith” when it does not fulfill its obligation to provide coverage when merited, necessary, and required by the terms outlined in a policy agreement. Insurance companies also act in bad faith when they take a long time to get back to claimants and policyholders or stick insured persons with a ...
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