Blog Posts in July, 2019

  • What to Do After an Accident

    Accidents happen every day. Merriam Webster defines an accident as any “unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance.” Spilling your orange juice can be an accident. Being late for a meeting can be an accident. There are even happy accidents. Some accidents, however, are more serious. If you get hurt because of someone else’s mistake, especially if your injury or loss is severe, you may want to ...
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  • The Legal Realities of Wrongful Death

    In movies and television, when someone is killed by another, the police immediately investigate the crime and there is a courtroom trial right after the arrest. The answer is simple: guilty or not guilty. Additionally, the family’s peace of mind is based solely on the verdict of a dramatic criminal trial. In reality, the process is more complex. Criminal trials may not be enough to assure the ...
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