Blog Posts in August, 2019

  • Labor Day: Perks and Problems

    This year, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 2 nd . While the holiday can be a fun time for travel and celebration, it can also lead to dangers on the road. If you’re planning to travel, or even if you’re staying in for a family BBQ, a few tips and tricks can make your holiday as fun and safe as possible. Safety Tips for Your Trip If you are heading out on the open road, there are a few steps ...
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  • What Does Premises Liability Really Mean?

    If you’ve ever worked in food service, or even seen the “Caution Wet Floor” sign in a restaurant or other public place, you probably already have some idea of premises liability . These signs are put out to warn the building’s visitors of an unsafe or hazardous condition. If the owner of the building did not take this step and knew the floors were wet, they could be held responsible if a guest ...
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