Blog Posts in December, 2018

  • Are Dog Bites a Criminal Offense?

    You may already know that owners can be held responsible for negligence in dog bite cases . But what about incidents where the owner’s negligence was so substantial it was actually criminal? At MR Civil Justice, we represent victims who have suffered as a result of dog attacks. Read our blog to learn more about criminal liability for dog bite claims, and contact our Dallas personal injury lawyers ...
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  • More Big Rigs Pose a Danger to Dallas Drivers

    Dallas motorists have long encountered extremely congested traffic on interstates 20, 30, and 35. Much of this is due to the high volume of trucks that travel along these roads. Accidents and construction often make these stretches dangerous, but with Dallas News recently reporting that traffic on Texas highways rose by 23% between 2000 and 2016, it’s becoming increasingly clear that commercial ...
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