Blog Posts in December, 2017

  • 4 Elements of a Catastrophic Injury Claim

    Catastrophic injury cases fall under the umbrella of personal injury, despite being uniquely different in comparison to a standard personal injury case. This is due to the fact that catastrophic injuries are often life-altering and permanently debilitating, requiring life-long treatment and care, which can become incredibly expensive over the course of one’s life. In addition to the financial ...
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  • How to Fight Insurance Bad Faith

    When an insurance company has denied coverage and/or unwilling to provide a settlement, they may be involved in bad faith claims. Simply put, the insurer is trying to get out of giving you the entitled financial compensation for a policy that has coverage of the damage caused by an incident, such as if your home has been flooded or burned. For victims of insurance companies that practice bad ...
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  • What is Tortious Interference?

    While markets encourage competition, competitive behavior between businesses can go too far and cross the line into improper conduct territory. That is when the courts can intervene in lawsuits regarding “tortious interference.” Tortious interference occurs when one party disrupts another party’s business endeavors with the intent of causing economic harm. There are two types of economic injury ...
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