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  • National Truck Accident Statistics vs. Texas Truck Accident Statistics

    Collisions that involve large semi-trucks often result in significantly more extensive damage than the average car accident. The sheer size of trucks in comparison to a standard car (or bike or motorcycle) is considerably larger, leaving the passengers of these cars susceptible to serious injury if an impact does occur. The roads of Texas are home to many 18-wheelers every day, as the state is a ...
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  • More Big Rigs Pose a Danger to Dallas Drivers

    Dallas motorists have long encountered extremely congested traffic on interstates 20, 30, and 35. Much of this is due to the high volume of trucks that travel along these roads. Accidents and construction often make these stretches dangerous, but with Dallas News recently reporting that traffic on Texas highways rose by 23% between 2000 and 2016, it’s becoming increasingly clear that commercial ...
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  • Employers Opting Out of Workers' Comp

    Most states in the country require companies to provide workers’ compensation to employees injured on the jobs. However, Texas does not. Texas allows companies to opt out of workers’ comp and replace it with their own regulations. New employees also might not know what they’ve signed up for with all the new-hire paperwork they get handed until they actually get injured. For example, John Hernandez ...
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