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  • Injured due to Faulty Construction? Let MR Civil Justice Help!

    Late last month, our clients—Brandon and Christina Roy—experienced an unpleasant wake up as their apartment’s ceiling completely collapsed. Hundreds of pounds of plaster-covered sheetrock and insulation plummeted in the early morning. Fortunately, no one was harmed when the collapse occurred after Brandon alerted his wife, Christina, upstairs after hearing the first crack. “Had it not been for ...
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  • MR Civil Justice Represents Injured Victim of Police Brutality in Lawsuit

    In 2014, 34-year-old Jon McDonald was handcuffed and heavily beaten by members of law enforcement in a Dallas motel. The encounter, which occurred in response to a 911 call from McDonald’s girlfriend, left him seriously injured. According to police, McDonald violently resisted arrest, though McDonald denies these claims. McDonald’s girlfriend reported that police were unnecessarily violent when ...
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  • MR Civil Justice Succeeds in Dhan Case

    In one of our recent court victories, the judge ruled in favor of our client, Simon Dhan, in his case against defendants Jarvis Johnson and Tyshae Johnson. The court case began on December 12, 2017. The court determined it had jurisdiction over the parties and subject matter of the situation. Both sides waived trial by jury, which means they submitted all arguments and evidence related to the case ...
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