Blog Posts in December, 2019

  • National Truck Accident Statistics vs. Texas Truck Accident Statistics

    Collisions that involve large semi-trucks often result in significantly more extensive damage than the average car accident. The sheer size of trucks in comparison to a standard car (or bike or motorcycle) is considerably larger, leaving the passengers of these cars susceptible to serious injury if an impact does occur. The roads of Texas are home to many 18-wheelers every day, as the state is a ...
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  • What Kind of Evidence is Needed in an Insurance Bad Faith Claim?

    To file a successful insurance bad faith claim , you will need substantial evidence that your insurance provider violated your contract and denied your claim under questionable terms. To prove that your denial was an act of bad faith rather than a fair denial, you must present thorough details on your agreement with your insurance provider and the ways in which the company went against that ...
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