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Higbie Case May Expose Corruption within the State Department

MR Civil Justiceis representing a client, R. Higbie, a veteran of the Diplomatic Security Services. Higbie spent his entire career protecting diplomats and is now facing a civil lawsuit, spurred by these same dignitaries. A Case of Harassment It began when Higbie first learned the news that his daughter was suffering from a rare genetic disorder. The State Department suggested that he…

Whistleblower Case: Allegations of Illicit Activity by American Diplomats

A former State Department employee and investigator, Aurelia Fedenisn, was threatened after she had sent in documents that alleged cover-ups on illicit activities from several American security officials and diplomats, including senior officials who were working under then-Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton. Some of these allegations include: Soliciting sexual favors from prostitutes, including some minors A drug ring was made accessible to…

Sex Workers File Lawsuit Against Reality Show Producers

Dallas Attorney Damon Mathias represents three sex workers who appeared on the cancelled reality show “8 Minutes” in a lawsuit against the producers.

How a Dallas Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

After suffering an injury in an auto accident, you likely have many questions that need answering. Who is at fault, who is responsible for paying for the damage to your car, and paying your medical bills are all questions you want answered. An experiencedDallas car accident lawyer can help find the answers to these questions as well as assist with securing you…