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Don’t Post about Your Injury on Social Media

We live in a society constantly sharing everything they do on social media. It’s natural to want to share your personal injury story on social media, but our Dallas personal injury attorney advises you not to refrain. Sharing your personal injury story could have a serious negative impact on your case. Below are some reasons you should never share your injury on social media.

Photos can be used against you

Imagine you slipped and fell while shopping in a store. The injuries you suffered caused you to lose wages and suffer emotional trauma. After your injury, you attend a friend’s birthday party where someone snaps a picture of you smiling. The insurance adjusters representing the store where you fell could find it and use it against you. They could claim that because you’re smiling in the photo, you must be fine! It sounds absurd, but it can happen.

Privacy settings don’t keep things private

These settings might make you feel comfortable by telling you your photos and statuses are hidden. The reality of it is, privacy settings make it harder for someone to access your content, but not impossible. Additionally, the terms of service agreements on most social media websites include wording that allows them to release your information to the authorities for specific investigations.

Don’t post any of these after your accident

It’s best to avoid social media altogether after suffering an injury, as you can never be too sure of what could hurt your case. However, below are some tips on things you should never post if you are in the middle of a personal injury case.

  • Updates about your travels
  • Fitness updates
  • Check-ins that include your location
  • Comments that admit fault
  • Comments trashing the party responsible for your injury

Social media can be fun, but it shouldn’t damage your case. Throughout your case, make you use common sense before posting something. Think, if it could it be used against you before you post.

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