Rabiah Jeenah

"There is but one pursuit worthy of the warrior's heart: To test the boundaries of what we are capable. To serve and protect the civil justice system that is our birthright, and challenge it to reach optimal results for our clients. Then with the wheels screeching we enter the fray: to fight for the good of all. That is the essence of a civil justice warrior. That is MR Civil Justice."

Rabiah Jeenah is an attorney at MR Civil Justice. Rabiah, a South African native, grew up in the legal field and developed an affinity for the pursuit of justice at a young age.

At the Oklahoma City University School of Law, Rabiah, a Public Service Award recipient, served as a law ambassador and the Vice President of the International Human Rights Law Association. She also worked with organizations such as the American Indian Wills Clinic, the Juvenile Division of the Public Defender's Office and the South African Human Rights Commission.

Now, Rabiah primarily focuses on civil litigation and the representation of clients in matters such as personal injury, wrongful death, bad faith insurance and civil rights.

As a member of the MR Civil Justice team, Rabiah Jeenah is relentless and works diligently to obtain the best possible outcomes for her clients as she continues her fight to give individuals a voice, especially those who do not have one.

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