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When you pay your monthly premiums to your insurance company, it is likely under the assumption that they will hold up their end of the bargain in the event of an emergency, injury, or serious accident. However, if you have filed a claim when you are in need and your insurance company denies your claim or fails to pay you the amount that you feel is fair, you may be the victim of insurance bad faith. It is important to act quickly in this situation, and hire an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer, as time is of the essence.

Dallas Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys Carefully Investigating Your Claim

Insurance is so much a standard part of Americans lives that the necessity is hardly questioned. Car insurance, house insurance, health insurance are all standard plans that we subscribe to so that we can go about our day-to-day lives. Insurance companies are supposed to provide peace of mind, but at the end of the day, they are still businesses. And like any industry, there are some bad actors who see their customers as just a number to their bottom line and look for any excuse to keep their expenses low.

If you even suspect that your claim was wrongfully denied and you are feeling negatively about the outcome, turn to our team at Mathias Raphael PLLC Accident & Injury Lawyers for help. We understand how difficult and confusing it can be for your family when the insurance company does not want to pay out on an accident or personal injury claim. Contact our Dallas Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers today to seek the justice you deserve.

What is Bad Faith?

Insurance companies have a fiduciary duty to ensure their clients are taken care of. While insurance companies are not required to seek maximum profit for their client, they are not allowed to knowingly withhold information or prevent a decision that is in their best interest of their clients.

Bad faith is when an insurance company tampers and places their own interests ahead of their clients by denying what a client is rightfully entitled to based on an insurance plan.

Bad faith is such a “taboo” word for clients but it goes behind just making a mistake. An allegation of an insurance company acting in bad faith means that they willingly took an action that hurt their clients, despite an alternative existing that would be in the client’s best interest.

Courts heavily frown upon insurance companies acting in bad faith because the system of insurance is contingent upon the trust of the people that subscribing to insurance is in the collective interest of everyone. As a result, rulings against insurance companies can result in large amounts of recovery for victims.

At our firm, we are dedicated to our clients and represent victims of insurance bad faith. Our personal injury attorneys are highly experienced, compassionate, and prepared to undergo an extensive investigation on behalf of your insurance claim. We truly care about doing whatever it takes to get down to the root of the matter.

A few examples of insurance bad faith may include:

  • When an insurance company denies your claim unreasonably
  • When an insurance company delays your claim unreasonably
  • When an insurance company fails to settle a valid claim

When to Suspect Bad Faith

The business model of insurance companies is based on a group of subscribers paying monthly premiums determined by a specialist in mathematics known as an actuary. While insurance companies portray themselves as the heroes who have your back in times of need, the reality is that insurance companies would struggle if they would be required to pay out every claim that a customer brings.

Insurance companies have to meet the bottom line, and some will try creative ways to meet the metrics required to demonstrate profit. Even if a claim is uncontested, insurance companies might try to manipulate the finance process to delay payment or point to the legal terms to argue the claim is outside of the covered policy.

Texas insurance companies lobby hard for legislators and policy makers to find in their favor, but there are blatant examples that even the courts cannot deny. If any of the following actions have happened to you, act with urgency to seek a professional representative today:

  • Refusal of coverage without investigation.
  • Misinterpreting Texas statute of limitations to delay or dismiss your claim.
  • Changing adjusters for the sole purpose of delaying your claim.
  • Refusing to fully examine your claim.
  • Refusing to give you a formal statement explaining why they are refusing your claim.
  • Failure to pay or refuse your claim within a reasonable time frame
  • Incorrectly citing laws to dismiss or diminish the value of your claim

Consult our Dallas Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys today

Insurance claims can get complicated fast. Insurance companies may throw the book to claim a claim does not meet the fault guidelines, was brought by the wrong party, and whatever technicalities they might allege to claim an incident is not covered under a policy.

Our experts have years of evidence pouring through paperwork and parsing through evidence to seek justice for our clients. Call Mathias Raphael PLLC Accident & Injury Lawyers today for your free consultation. Don’t let bad actors stop you from getting the recovery that you are entitled to.

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