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Can I Collect Damages After a “Minor” Auto Accident?

Auto accidents are as unique as their victims. Although an accident is labeled “minor,” the losses may be significant. The severity of an auto accident does not change liability for that accident or the potential of compensation for its victims.

The following is a general discussion of “minor” auto accident claims and damages for which a minor accident victim may qualify. If you or your loved one suffered auto accident-related losses and would like case-specific information, contact an experienced car accident attorney.

Minor Auto Accidents Can Cause Major Medical Expenses

Although an accident is labeled “minor,” its victim may sustain severe injuries and require a battery of examinations, tests, and surgeries. For example, a minor accident may result in severe back and spinal injuries.

A typical minor accident type is a rear-end accident. Rear-end accidents often cause whiplash or a quick whip-like snapping of the neck and spine.

Neck and spinal injuries can lead to paralysis and accompany nerve injury and must be evaluated by medical professionals. These injuries generally require follow-up appointments and therapy.

All of these treatments are costly and can leave a minor accident victim with considerable medical expenses.

Minor Auto Accidents Can Cause Time Away from Work

The time a minor auto accident victim spends away from work may also be recovered in an auto accident claim. Time away from work may include traveling to and from doctor appointments, recovering from injuries, and other legitimate accident-related activities.

If a victim cannot return to their usual employment and suffers a pay reduction due to injuries, this may also be recoverable in a minor auto accident claim.

Minor Auto Accidents Can Cause Extensive Property Damage

Even minor car damage can cost thousands to repair. Property damage is recoverable in a minor auto accident claim.

An auto accident victim may also recover for lost or damaged property inside their vehicle at the time of the accident.

What About Pain and Suffering in a Minor Auto Accident?

Pain and suffering may be available to victims of minor auto accidents. Pain and suffering can manifest as depression, anxiety, a sleep disorder, or another form of physical or mental distress.

Pain and suffering can interfere with an auto accident victim’s ability to perform daily tasks and work.

Proving Minor Auto Accident Damages

Before an accident victim can receive claim damages, they must prove another driver or entity was at fault. This is the most challenging part of a minor auto accident claim

The best way to build a claim against a negligent driver or responsible party is to retain an experienced auto accident attorney. An experienced attorney will investigate the car accident, gather evidence, and determine the parties responsible for the collision.

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