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Why You Need to See a Doctor After an Accident

If you’ve just been involved in a car accident, your first reaction is usually to make sure you don’t feel any pain or injuries. If your car accident was minor, you might not notice your injuries right away and decline medical treatment. You discover weeks after your accident, that you were injured; you just didn’t notice the symptoms right away. This situation is more common than you think which is why our Dallas personal injury attorney has created this blog to address the reasons why you should always seek medical attention after a car accident.

Why You Don’t Notice Injuries Right Away

When the human body is placed under a large amount of stress, it produces a chemical called adrenaline. This chemical helps suppress pain long enough for our body to run away from the immediate threat of danger or fight for our lives. Once the release of this chemical subsides, you might start to notice the pain from the injuries you suffered in your car accident.

Additionally, injuries do not always surface as physical pain but in the form of behavioral changes. Closed-head injuries can take weeks to surface. If you have noticed the following changes in your behavior, you should make an appointment to see your doctor right away.

  • Fatigue and excessive sleepiness
  • Confusion slurred speech or headaches
  • Issues remembering things and completing basic tasks
  • Mood swings, unexplained changes in behavior

Seeking Medical Treatment Helps Prove Your Injury Claim

If you were injured in an auto accident by a negligent driver, filing an insurance claim is the next step in the process. However, claiming you were injured for an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit can be difficult if you never sought medical treatment.

The other party’s insurance carrier has a goal to minimize the cost of the accident for themselves, which means they will scrutinize every claim you make. They might question, “How can you prove your injuries were caused by your accident?” By seeking medical treatment right after your accident, your doctor’s assessment could provide the proof the negligent party’s insurance is requesting.

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