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Dallas Crane Accident Lawyer

Cranes are used on construction sites and other types of jobs. Capable of hoisting heavy materials, it’s operated by a trained professional under safe circumstances to ensure injuries or fatalities occur. Unfortunately, construction companies and employers sometimes neglect to adequately train how to properly operate these machines, ignore mandatory inspections and maintenance, or uphold the safety protocols necessary to maintain a safe environment.

If you have been injured in a Dallas crane accident due to the negligent actions of your company, employer or co-worker, it’s imperative to obtain experienced and reliable legal services. Our Dallas construction accident lawyers are dedicated to recovering your deserved compensation.

Common Causes of Crane Accidents

Almost half of the crane accidents are caused by the crane coming into contact with power lines and electrocuting the crane operator and nearby workers. There are instances where the load wasn’t secured properly, causing the crane to overturn. Whether the crane malfunctioned or miscommunication occurred between co-workers, these accidents are preventable.

Common factors which may reduce the risk of an accident include:

  • Conduct complete crane inspections
  • Properly train crane operators and other personnel
  • Avoid exceeding the maximum load capacity
  • Properly rigging the loads to the crane
  • Having an effective maintenance program

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