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Whether it’s from a car accident or a defective product, a fire or explosion could occur that results in a burn injury. These type of injuries are one of the most painful injuries an individual can experience and can often lead to extensive medical care and treatment, as well as significant scarring that may require plastic surgery.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury due to the negligence of another party or a product defect, our Dallas personal injury attorneys can help you recover your entitled compensation to cover your medical expenses, loss of income, as well as pain and suffering caused by the injury. With millions of dollars won on behalf of our clients, we are qualified and confident in doing the same for you.

What Are The Characteristics of A Burn Injury?

Burn injuries are a leading cause of injury and mortality around the world. Burn injuries can greatly impact one’s life, including causing:

  •     major disfigurement
  •     physical damage
  •     loss of employment
  •     psychological issues
  •     significant financial burdens.

Burn injuries can occur in a variety of settings, both private (work, home, during meal preparation, etc.) and in public (at stores, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.).

While some injuries can occur unintentionally, there are some accidental injuries that occur due to the lack of care taken by someone who could have prevented the injury. These types of burn injuries are covered by an area of law known as negligence and present a potential avenue for recovery.

Types of Burns

Minor burns caused by touching a hot surface are typically classified as first degree burns, since this type of burn only damages the outer layer of the skin. Deeper damage to the inner layers of the skin are classified as second or third degree burns, which often require immediate medical attention. Fourth degree burns are the most severe, since they involve damage to the ligaments and tendons.

The common types of burns include the following:

  •       Heat burns
  •       Cold temperature burns
  •       Chemical burns
  •       Electrical burns
  •       Friction burns
  •       Radiation burns
  •       Sunlight burns

Temperature Burns

Temperature burns occur when either excessive heat or cold temperatures lead to skin damage. Some of the more common temperature burns include:

  • Scalding: Scalding burns occur due to extremely hot steam or water. Some examples of scalding injuries include hot oil splatters or spilling of boiling water at restaurants cooks, chefs, or patrons. One of the more well-known burn injury cases, Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants, involved McDonald’s hot coffee spilling on a customer which resulted in 2nd and 3rd degree injuries. The jury awarded the customer close to $3 million in punitive damages.
  • Vehicular Burns: Cars, trucks, and vans are highly-powerful machines that require proper maintenance. If not properly maintained or if a faulty part makes it way into the machine, these machines can easily catch on fire. Injuries that occur due to faulty parts in machinery can be brought under more claims through an area of law known as product defect liability.

Chemical Burns

Burns due to foreign chemical materials are known as chemical burns. Chemical burns are most often seen due to occupational exposures at the workplace. Some jobs where chemical burns are common include:

  •     Industrial Workplaces
  •     Medical Personnel
  •     Janitorial Services
  •     Street Workers

Due to the working nature that are commonplace with chemical burns, an added layer of complexity is seen in these cases due to the introduction of workers’ compensation.

Electricity Burns

Electricity burns are a little different in nature due to the wave of energy that passes through the body. The high voltage experienced by the body can make these injuries especially severe. Workplace injuries, such as construction workers at construction sites and electricians, can lead to electricity burns. Another common type of electricity burn occurs due to faulty appliances, leading to additional claims of product defect liability.

Radiation Burns

Similar to electricity burns, radiation burns can be especially severe. Workplace injuries from those who work with nuclear power can lead to burns due to the high amount of exposure. Radiation burns can also occur in the medical setting due to the radiation treatments administered to patients. In fact, according to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, an estimated 85% of patients who undergo radiation therapy end up developing moderate to severe skin response. Negligence that falls to the level of below the standard of care that a professional should exhibit can provide for an additional claim of medical malpractice.

What Are Some Types of Recoverable Damages?

Burn injuries can lead to a wide variety of injuries. The varying nature of the severity injuries greatly influences the potential recoverable amount. The most severe injuries can lead to therapies as excessively and complex as skin grafting. Depending on the severity of the injury, recoverable damages may include: lost wages, healthcare provider costs, and pain and suffering.

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