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If you have fallen on another party’s property and suffered any type of injury, you may possess the grounds to obtain compensation in a premises liability claim. Property owners and their insurance companies are prepared to deny any kind of responsibility regarding these type of cases, which is why our Dallas premises liability lawyers are capable of fighting back.

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Understanding Slip and Fall Claims

When an individual slips on a wet surface or trips over debris on the premises of another party, it is considered a “slip and fall” injury. While it can be unclear who is responsible for the injuries you’ve sustained, there are factors which can determine if the negligent actions of the property owner were to blame.

In order to develop a strong case, our Dallas personal injury attorneys must prove the following:

  • The condition of the property was dangerous
  • The owner knew, or should’ve known, about the property’s condition
  • The owner had a reasonable amount of time to fix the issue of the property

What Are Common Injuries Caused by Slip & Fall Accidents?

Experiencing a slip and fall injury can lead to serious and potentially long-term injuries. The physical consequences that arise from these accidents can cause lifelong suffering.

There are several injuries one may sustain from a slip & fall accident, including:

How MR Civil Justice Can Help With Your Slip & Fall Case

At MR Civil Justice, we understand the difficultly in proving negligence for slip and fall accidents. However, our legal team has the extensive knowledge and resources to provide effective legal assistance to our clients.

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