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Dallas Pays $615,000 to Police Brutality Victim

Jon McDonald’s Police Brutality Lawsuit Against the City of Dallas

On Wednesday, August 22, 2018, the Dallas City Council voted to settle Jon McDonald’s police brutality lawsuit against the city for $615,000. This verdict comes more than 4 years after McDonald was pitilessly beaten by law enforcement, despite his disability.

In August 2014, McDonald and his girlfriend were staying in a hotel off Stemmons Freeway and began arguing, at which point she called 911 to ask for help removing him from the room, claiming he had assaulted her. Two police men, Officers Manual Ortiz and Michael Irwin, responded to the call and attempted to remove McDonald from the room, at which point the three men got into a violent altercation. In attempts to subdue McDonald, Ortiz and Irwin handcuffed him and proceeded to simultaneously and repeatedly punched him in the face.

As a teenager, McDonald had been in a car accident that resulted in over a dozen different skull fractures, brain injuries, and permanent brain damage. The unduly violent response from Ortiz and Irwin put McDonald in the hospital for days, exacerbated his existing injuries, and cost him multiple thousands of dollars in injury-related expenses.

In 2016, Attorneys Ori Raphael and Damon Mathias began representing McDonald and has been helping plead his case before city officials. Now, 2 years later, our firm is pleased to announce that McDonald is receiving the justice he has been waiting for. We are proud to have played a role in helping McDonald obtain a fair outcome after being treated so poorly by members of law enforcement.

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