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Sex Workers Promised Assistance File Suit Against Relativity Media

Three sex workers who were featured on the A&E reality TV show, “8 Minutes,” have filed a case against the production company, Relativity Media. The three individuals were promised “life-changing” opportunities, according to their testimony.

The show centered on a former police officer, now a pastor, who staged an intervention. The pastor would pose as a client and would call the sex workers to meet in a hotel room. The pastor would be given eight minutes to persuade the sex worker to get out of prostitution. In exchange, the sex workers were promised medical care, legal services, housing, and other means of assistance.

Show Pulled after Complained Filed

The lawsuit was filed in Texas Court, with the claim that Relativity Media failed to deliver on its promise to provide the workers with the assistance. Relativity Media subsequently pulled the show, due to the intense scrutiny, magnified even more so with the impending lawsuit.

The women also complained that the production company would conceal their identities on the show, but failed to do so as part of their agreement. They are seeking over $1 million in damages, as well as reportedly suffering from embarrassment and humiliation from the show. Failing to conceal their identities contributed to this cause.

Relativity Media filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on June 30, as well as a petition for relief on September 29th of this year. The women requested that the lawsuit should not be discharged because of the bankruptcy. Attorney Damon Mathias is representing the clients and has every confidence that the courts will not lift the stay due to bankruptcy.

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