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The Consequences of Dallas Street Racing

Citations, Criminal Charges, and Accidental Deaths

Stunts and street racing have gone up in Dallas since stay-at-home orders went into effect. Groups of drivers have blocked highways and started spinning donuts in busy intersections. On the first weekend of May alone, Dallas police “seized dozens of vehicles and handed out hundreds of tickets,” according to Fox 4 News. The Dallas Police Department calls street racing a “reckless act,” and notes that it has become a big problem for the city and its residents.

One Dallas resident got stuck at an intersection in East Dallas when cars started spinning out and doing donuts in the middle of the Skillman and Live Oak intersection. Fearing he might get hit, he recorded some of the activity, which only dispersed after the cars in question heard emergency sirens and drove away. Street racing has also been reported in the Woodall Rogers Freeway tunnel in Downtown Dallas and other busy intersections.

The Dallas Police Speed Racing Task Force

The Dallas Police have assembled a Speed Racing task Force and warned residents about the dangers of street racing. They tell one story, in particular, of a young man who fell out of a truck that was doing donuts in Northwest Dallas and subsequently run over by the truck. The 28-year-old died, and the driver was arrested for manslaughter.

Further, the Department made 460 traffic stops, issued nearly 630 citations, impounded 44 vehicles, and made 33 arrests – all in one weekend. Many street racers were also found with guns and drugs. Citations issued can cost up to $2,000 and arrests can warrant as many as 180 days in jail.

The resident interviewed by Fox 4 News sums it up best:

Clearly there’s a lot of people who don’t seem to care [about] themselves or others.”

Reckless Driving

Even drivers who aren’t racing have been going faster and behaving more recklessly than usual. Many cities across the country have seen an increase in speeding tickets, even though driving is going down. When car accidents involve high speeds and recklessness, they are more likely to be severe and lead to serious injuries and death.

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