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How to Fight Insurance Bad Faith

When an insurance company has denied coverage and/or unwilling to provide a settlement, they may be involved in bad faith claims. Simply put, the insurer is trying to get out of giving you the entitled financial compensation for a policy that has coverage of the damage caused by an incident, such as if your home has been flooded or burned.

For victims of insurance companies that practice bad faith, these situations can be just as bad as the damage itself. This means that additional help from an experienced lawyer who is well versed in insurance companies that practice bad faith claims.

How to Pursue a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

To pursue a claim due to bad faith practices, you and your attorney must show that there is no legitimate claim from the company or that the insurer is denying or refusing to communicate so that it may not have to pay a settlement. As soon as you are in contact with the company, you need to ensure that all evidence related to your claim is ready to present.

Next, an offer should be provided by the insurer. If the offer is not enough to cover the damage or not as specified in the policy, perhaps the carrier is attempting to only provide enough compensation to stop contact and avoid a lawsuit.

Since insurance companies will do whatever it takes to reduce your settlement or deny your claim altogether, having an experienced lawyer on your side may be enough to pressure the company to increase the offer. If the attorney is not intimidating enough, a claim through the courts with litigation may be the next step.

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