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Have you been injured on someone else’s property? If so, you may be able to hold them legally responsible for the accident and recover the personal and financial costs you have incurred as a result. Whether or not you can sue a property owner for the consequences of your accident depends largely on the nature of your injury and the reason it occurred. Common scenarios that may warrant a premises liability suit include (but are not limited to):

  • Slips and falls in part due to lack of signage or warning
  • Falls due to holes, ditches, or rapid changes in walking surfaces that are not marked
  • Slips and falls, car accidents, and other mishaps related to snow and ice
  • Attack by a dog or other pet as a result of the owner’s failure to install adequate fencing, protective measures, etc.
  • Battery, robbery, sexual assault, or other violent criminal acts perpetrated in part due to ease of access resulting from a property owner’s failure to implement proper security measures
  • Falling objects, dangerous walking surfaces, and other dangers created by inadequate property maintenance
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals or substances
  • Accidents and injuries that occur in amusement parks, water parks, pools, or other recreational venues

There are many more circumstances which may warrant a premises liability suit, but the common denominator is this: injury or loss resulting from the negligence or recklessness of a property owner or manager. Property owners and managers have an obligation to exercise appropriate care and caution and should be held legally responsible when their failure to do so results in harm to another person.

Invitees, Licensees, and Trespassers

If you were trespassing on someone else’s property at the point of injury, you may have a difficult time proving the property owner or manager is responsible for your damages. Because you were not permitted to be on site and the property owner did not issue an invitation, they do not necessarily bear the responsibility of ensuring safe conditions or protecting you from physical harm.

On the other hand, if you received an express invitation to be on the property in question, the property owner or manager has a legal obligation to ensure the premises is secure and safe and does not pose any threat to the invitee. (This is true of personal residences, office buildings, restaurants, theaters, etc.) Licensees, such as employees, are people who are permitted to go from the property and may also have a viable case if they are injured because the property owner did not appropriately maintain the premises or warn the licensee of dangerous conditions.

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