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Ford Recalls 2021 F-Series Super Duty Trucks

On June 14, 2021, Ford is recalling 17,616 F-Series Super Duty trucks due to the improper installation of the front wheel hub extenders that causes the tire and wheel assembly to detach from the front axle. The problem was discovered after two reported incidents involved the detachment of the left-front wheel while driving.

Owners of the following 2021 models should receive a recall notification: 

  • F-350

  • F-450

  • F-550

  • F-600

Ford instructs owners of the affected vehicles to avoid driving for now. The issue arises from improper torquing of the front wheel hub extender nuts. The company claims that “a supplier process error” has resulted in the nuts connecting the front wheel hub extender to the rotor not being tightened to specification.

If you own one of the vehicles mentioned above and you notice any noise and vibration while driving, such signs may be an indication that the nuts have loosened. Dealers must inspect the nuts on each side and tighten them to the proper specifications, as well as stop selling and delivering the affected vehicles until the torque of the wheel nuts are verified.

The two reported incidents did not involve a crash or any injuries. If you own one of these vehicles, please take your vehicle to the closest dealership for a free service.

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