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How to Take Photos of a Car Accident Scene

Gathering evidence after a car accident is one of the most important steps you must take to preserve an accurate depiction of the scene and protect your right to file an auto insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. The best way to do so is to take photographs of every detail of the collision.

Fortunately, most of our smartphones are equipped with cameras to document the aftermath of a crash. Not only do these pictures and videos essentially prove your claim to insurance companies or a jury, but they will also help you refresh your memory when you are required to talk to adjusters or testify in court.

The following are several tips for taking photos of the scene of a car accident: 

  • Take photos of the property damage – You must document the external and internal damage of all vehicles involved, as well as damage to the road, street signs, buildings, or other objects.

  • Take photos of your injuries – Document any apparent injuries you suffered as a result of the collision. However, some injuries – such as bruises – may not immediately appear, so make sure you take pictures of such injuries when they do show up. Lastly, do not forget to document your recovery process to show the seriousness of your injuries.

  • Take pictures of the roads and traffic signs – From skid marks on the road to signs near the crash site, pictures of the road and traffic signs can help reconstruct how the accident occurred.

  • Take pictures of the overall accident scene – Document the general view of the accident from different distances.

  • Take photos of the other driver(s), police officers, and witnesses – You may have a difficult time identifying every person at the scene, which is why taking photos of them and learning who they are will help you when your case plays out.

  • Take more pictures than you need and from different angles – Do not be afraid to use all your space on your phone to take as many photos as you can. Also, take pictures of the same things but at different angles after each capture. You never know what you may miss when you look back at these photos.

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