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Ford Is Recalling More Than 700,000 Vehicles

For Faulty Backup Cameras and Brake Pedals

It’s bad news for Ford – and consumers of the top-selling vehicle in the United States. The automotive giant is recalling more than 700,000 vehicles in North America, including its best-selling F-Series trucks

According to ABC News and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2020 versions of Ford’s vehicles are equipped with backup cameras that can show distorted images or suddenly go dark. Ford told the NHTSA that a poor electrical connection is responsible for the defect.

The recall covers the following models:

  • 2020 F-Series trucks
  • 2020 Explorer
  • Mustang
  • Transit
  • Expedition
  • Escape
  • Ranger
  • Edge
  • Lincoln Nautilus
  • Corsair

Although backup cam failure could present countless dangerous situations, no crashes or injuries have been reported due to the faulty auto parts.

Dealers will start replacing the rearview camera at no cost to owners when the recall formally begins on November 7, 2020.

More Issues for the 2020 Mustang

To make matters worse, Ford also had to recall over 38,000 Mustangs. The 2020 models have a defective brake pedal bracket that can fracture without warning if the driver slams on the brakes. Without a functional brake pedal, the vehicle can be extremely hard to stop.

After 3 identical reports of bracket failures, Ford began investigating the problem. The company identified 4 incidents in Europe and 2 in North America.

Fortunately, the company has not received any reports of accidents or injuries linked to the defective brackets.

Still, brake issues are serious, and Mustang owners will need to take their vehicles to the nearest Ford dealer to have their brackets replaced once the recall is announced on November 16, 2020.

What If My Ford Malfunctions?

If your backup camera fails while you are reversing or your brakes fail while you are trying to stop, Ford can be held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur as a result.

Vehicles should never be defective nor equipped with faulty parts, but recalls like this happen all the time.

While you’re here, we encourage you to check your vehicle for recalls with the NHTSA.

Simply follow this link and enter your 17-character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the space provided.

If your Ford or any other vehicle malfunctions before you know about a defect, or even before you have the opportunity to get it fixed, you are entitled to legal recourse. Product liability laws are consumer-friendly and give you the power to pursue justice.

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