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Dealing with Aggressive Drivers & Road Rage

Though it may just seem like a term for someone in a rush, road rage is extreme. Simply put, it can cost the lives of innocent people. Many recognize the experience of driving according to traffic laws when suddenly, a vehicle dangerously speed past as the driver furiously honks and spews profanities. Despite being a safe and aware driver, you cannot predict who you will encounter on the road. Dealing with an aggressive and dangerous driver is frightening and potentially life-threatening, which is why you must be hyper-aware of your surroundings to prepare for dealing with someone who exhibits road rage.

If you find yourself the target of an antagonistic or unsafe driver, here is how you should proceed:

  • Remain calm. Dealing with an angry stranger can make you panic or even enrage you, too. If you lose your cool too, the situation will only end in disaster. Drivers who exhibit road rage want to elicit a reaction out of you and the best response is to act oblivious, mind your own business, and focus on your destination.
  • Let the driver have the right of way. While this may frustrate you, it will save you from a potential accident or conflict.
  • Do not make eye contact with the driver.
  • Do not react, honk, or tailgate the driver. You have no idea who it is and unpredictable driving may indicate other aspects of their behavior. If someone is angry behind the wheel, they’ll be even angrier in a confrontation.
  • If you notice the vehicle is following you, do not go home. Instead, take different routes into public areas until the driver leaves you alone.

If you are still concerned about protecting yourself from the dangers of the road, you may consider installing a dash cam in your vehicle. Recording evidence will be useful if the other party shifts blame onto you.

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