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5 Common Types of Premises Liability Lawsuits

Top 5 Kinds of Premises Liability Claims

Some of the most common premises liability matters we handle include:

  • Falls: When you enter a home, office building, or other property, you can reasonably expect to receive a fair warning about dangerous conditions, such as slippery walkways, ice on the ground, holes in the floor, etc. A property owner’s failure to provide adequate warning and maintenance can lead to serious falls and devastating injuries to the head, neck, spine, joints, etc.
  • Dog bites: Many dog owners fail to properly restrain their pets or provide sufficient warning about aggressive or dangerous animals, which can lead to dangerous, violent attacks and painful injuries.
  • Swimming pool accidents: Swimming pools are notoriously dangerous, especially for children, and pool owners bear the responsibility for taking reasonable precautions to ensure that their property is guarded and maintained and that persons who use the pool are adequately supervised.
  • Fires: There are a number of ways property owners can accidentally cause fires, including negligently failing to secure electrical wiring, contain gas leaks, or fix electrical outlets that are not working correctly. In such cases, property owners may be responsible for damage resulting from related fires.
  • Insufficient security: Sometimes people may be harmed on a property as a result of the owner’s failure to install an alarm system, maintain door locks, hire security staff, or otherwise provide effective reasonable security.

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