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What to Do When Your Insurance Company Denies Your Car Accident Claim

Disclaimer: There may be a legitimate reason your insurance company denied your car accident-related claim. However, insurance companies have been known to deny claims as a means of unlawfully withholding necessary funds from policyholders. This can take a variety of forms, including:

  • Refusing to pay a legitimate claim
  • Delaying payment on a legitimate claim
  • Refusing to take necessary measures to investigate a claim
  • Failing to deny or respond to a claim within a reasonable amount of time
  • Making unreasonable demands for proving the legitimacy of a claim
  • Fraudulently claiming a lack of sufficient information
  • Refusing to pay the full amount owed or promised

Write a Letter to Your Insurance Company Claiming Bad Faith

You may need to take action if your insurance company has done any of the above in response to your car accident claim, you may need to write a letter claiming bad faith. However, before taking any action against your insurance company, it is important to know for sure that they are actually doing something illegal. Our bad faith insurance lawyers in Dallas are here to evaluate your case and work with you to take the best steps forward in your specific circumstances.

Tough, Skilled Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys Serving Injured Persons in Dallas

At Mathias Raphael PLLC Accident & Injury Lawyers, our Dallas personal injury lawyers stand up for you when you are hurt through no fault of your own. After sustaining serious injuries in a car accident, you may be further hurt and experience painful financial losses if your insurance company drops the ball and fails to provide the assistance you need and deserve. Don’t let your insurance provider stiff-arm you or further delay the coverage you need any longer.

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