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How Can I Prove the Driver Who Hit Me Was Distracted?

Common Examples of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving causes innumerable car accidents every year, injuring and killing many people as a result. Being hit by a distracted driver can cause very expensive and personally costly harm, including everything from medical bills to permanent disability and mental anguish.

Distracted driving takes many forms, including:

  • Texting while driving
  • Reading messages while driving
  • Talking with one hand on the phone and the other on the steering wheel
  • Driving with one hand and using the other for something else
  • Changing the radio, CD, song, etc. while driving
  • Taking or posing for pictures while driving

Proving Negligence in Personal Injury Cases

One of the key components of every successful personal injury case is proof of negligence. You cannot hold someone responsible for your injuries and the resulting damages if you cannot prove that they caused your accident through some sort of reckless, careless, or otherwise irresponsible behavior. With that being said, if your car accident and injuries were caused because another driver was distracted, you and your attorney will have to prove the nature of their distraction.

Sound challenging?

It is. That’s why you’re going to need the best of the best on your side while you file a personal injury claim against the other driver. Otherwise, you may be barred from recovering the compensation you need to recover all of your injury-related costs and losses, leaving you to foot the bill on your own.

Experienced Car Accident Attorneys Serving Injured People in Dallas

At Mathias Raphael PLLC Accident & Injury Lawyers, we are committed to helping bring justice for people who have been hurt at no fault of their own. Being hurt by a distracted driver is one such occasion in which we may be able to help. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a driver who was texting, talking, grooming, eating, or failing to pay attention for other reasons, our Dallas car accident attorneys are here to serve you.

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