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Mathias Raphael PLLC Accident & Injury Lawyers Succeeds in Dhan Case

In one of our recent court victories, the judge ruled in favor of our client, Simon Dhan, in his case against defendants Jarvis Johnson and Tyshae Johnson.

The court case began on December 12, 2017. The court determined it had jurisdiction over the parties and subject matter of the situation. Both sides waived trial by jury, which means they submitted all arguments and evidence related to the case directly to the judge.

The judge heard opening statements, the introduction of evidence, and closing arguments before the rendering judgment in favor of our client. As a result, our client was protected from owing anything to the defendants, while the defendants were obligated to pay $11,500 in compensation to our client.

Additionally, both Johnsons owed our clients a prejudgment interest of $548.22 in addition to $1.57 per diem for each day everyone had to be in court. The judge also ordered the judgment bore the interest at a rate of 5% from the date of signing the judgment until it was paid, and the plaintiff recovered reasonable attorneys’ fees of $12,600.

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