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Tips for Talking to Your Insurance Company After an Accident

Accidents are overwhelming and chaotic incidents, especially if you sustained injuries. However, oftentimes the aftermath can be just as difficult to navigate, especially when the time comes to speak with your insurance company. They do everything to win your favor when you are looking for a company to sign up with, but sometimes they can prove to be less than friendly when you actually need them to step to the plate.

Here are some tips to set you on the right path when the time comes to talk to your insurance company:

  • Sticking to the facts: Wanting to complain about the accident is pretty natural. After all, you are probably frustrated and in the mood to vent in order to lessen the burden of what you are feeling, but you might want to consider venting to a friend instead. When you are speaking to your insurance company, you should only stick to the facts and answer every question honestly without volunteering any unsolicited details. Additionally, it is common for those involved in accidents to be unable to recall specifics of an incident, so if certain details are unclear to you, do not attempt to give any.
  • Avoid trying to assume the blame: A common misstep occurs when individuals admit fault even when they are not to blame. Keep in mind that fault determinations are not always black and white, so leave your interpretations out of the discussions you have with your insurance company and let investigators take care of figuring out who is at fault. The last thing you want to do is harm your chances of obtaining compensation.
  • Receiving compensation: Getting the compensation you deserve can be difficult if you do not immediately see a doctor or seek skilled legal representation to ensure neither your insurance company nor the at-fault party’s insurance company tramples over your rights. You should also be prepared to be examined by a doctor who has a relationship with your insurer.

Ultimately, you have to work with your insurer, so try to be cooperative and not quite so adversarial. If you are unsure about something, ask your personal injury attorney for advice.

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