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Top 10 Defective Car Parts

Automobile manufacturers have an obligation to provide their customers with functional and safe products. However, defective car parts are discovered every year, which places the lives of the drivers in imminent danger. Unfortunately, a recall is not typically announced until car accidents resulting in serious injuries or deaths have occurred.

In order to be mindful of the possible hazards that your vehicle possesses, the following are the top 10 defective car parts that have been discovered in the past and could happen again in the future:

  1. Airbags. While airbags are designed to make cars safer by protecting the driver and passengers in the event of an accident, sometimes the airbags do not deploy or deploy at inopportune moments.
  2. Seat belts. Designed for the driver and passengers’ protection, it is also the law to wear them every time you enter your vehicle. Yet, poor design can cause the seat belt to unlatch itself when you need it most, accidentally. Or a seat belt may get stuck after an accident, trapping you inside your car when you must escape.
  3. Ignition switches. Ignition switches turn cars on and off; however, a faulty switch can cause your vehicle to lose power while you are driving.
  4. Tires. Tires that fail earlier than normal, especially when only light or moderate wear on the treads is evident.
  5. Doors. Improperly designed door latches allow the door to open, sometimes during collisions, which can result in the driver or passengers being thrown out of the vehicle.
  6. Gas pedals. Flawed gas pedals can sometimes cause sudden acceleration. This means that the car will suddenly speed up, typically up to 100 mph, and cause drivers to lose control and crash their vehicle.
  7. Roofs. In the event of a rollover accident, the support structure for the roof can fail and cave in on the occupants inside of the car.
  8. Gas tanks. If a gas tank is poorly designed, any sort of direct impact can cause the car to explode.
  9. Side impact design. The bodies and frames of a vehicle should be strong enough to protect you in the event of a collision. If the side of your car completely crumples upon impact, defective side impact design can be the blame.
  10. False park. This happens when a car suddenly starts rolling again after it has been placed in park.

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