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How a Dallas Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

After suffering an injury in an auto accident, you likely have many questions that need answering. Who is at fault, who is responsible for paying for the damage to your car, and paying your medical bills are all questions you want answered. An experienced Dallas car accident lawyer can help find the answers to these questions as well as assist with securing you fair compensation for your injuries.

We Know the Law

The first way attorneys can help you pursue a fair settlement in your car accident case is through their thorough understanding of the law and governing rules for personal injury cases. At Matias Raphael PLLC Accident & Injury Lawyers, we have heard stories of insurance companies strong-arming clients into agreeing to their settlement terms before they were ready because the company simply wants to close the file.

Hiring a personal injury attorney to be your own personal legal advocate during this process allows you to have access to an individual who can identify when the insurance company is providing you with the best possible settlement for your needs, and when they are not. Your attorney also has the power to file a lawsuit on your behalf. Working with a Dallas personal injury attorney also means you will be able to build a solid case. Most personal injury cases never go to trial, but if the event yours does, our Dallas car accident lawyer has an extensive amount of trial experience.

We Can Investigate

When you organize a personal injury case, there is quite a bit of information that must be compiled, and categorized. Police reports, witness statements, car maintenance history, medical records, lab results, bills and lost wage information are all pieces of the puzzle we can help you put together to support your claim. Our legal team can do the legwork while you heal from your injuries. We can also prepare a settlement demand letter to the insurance company. If the insurance company chooses not to settle based on the letter our attorney has drafted, we can prepare to go to trial.

Dallas Car Accident Lawyer

At Mathias Raphael PLLC Accident & Injury Lawyers, we are deeply invested in providing results-driven representation for those injured by a negligent third party in an auto accident. Our lawyers can think outside of the box to provide you with what we believe is a winning strategy.

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