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What Kind of Evidence is Needed in an Insurance Bad Faith Claim?

To file a successful insurance bad faith claim, you will need substantial evidence that your insurance provider violated your contract and denied your claim under questionable terms. To prove that your denial was an act of bad faith rather than a fair denial, you must present thorough details on your agreement with your insurance provider and the ways in which the company went against that agreement.

Your Insurance Contract and Other Documentation

The focus of insurance bad faith claims is a violation of an agreement between a claimant and their insurer. To demonstrate a violation, you will need a copy of your insurance contract that outlines, in detail, the terms of your policy. With this document, you can identify which sections of the agreement were breached through the claim denial.

Other official insurance documents that could be helpful in a bad faith claim include anything related to your claim before it was denied: Photos, bills, receipts, and other items you presented to your insurance provider as part of your claim are valuable.

Communications with Your Insurance Provider

Any exchanges between yourself and your insurance company (phone calls, emails, etc.) could be helpful in an insurance bad faith claim.

It can be difficult to recover the communications that took place before your claim was denied — it’s not likely that you were recording the initial phone calls about your claim. If you have records of pre-denial conversations, they will be useful, but any exchanges that followed the denial can help as well.

Claim Denial Details

Some of the most important pieces of evidence in an insurance bad faith claim are items that explain the details of your claim denial. You will need to identify the reason your insurance company gave for denying your claim and present an explanation of why it was not justified in the terms of your policy.

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