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Motorcycle Handlebar Accessory Recalled

Woodcraft Clip-on Adapters Recalled Due to Crash Hazard

On September 21, 2018, Woodcraft Technologies, Inc. issued a recall of its clip-on motorcycle handlebar adapters, citing cracking and breaking of the adapter plate as a crash hazard. While no injuries have been reported, there have been multiple reports of crashes and accidents resulting from adapter plate failure, and the makers of the clip-on adapters are urging users to stop using the product immediately.

Stop using your Woodcraft clip-on adapter if it came with any of the following product numbers on the left side of the packaging:

  • 12-0407AP (Base plate unit for the Woodcraft clip-on adapter)
  • 12-1407 (Compatible with Yamaha FZ07)
  • 12-2407 (Compatible with Yamaha FZ07)
  • 12-1630 (Compatible with Ducati Monster)
  • 12-1631 (Compatible with Ducati Monster)
  • 12-2630 (Compatible with Ducati Monster)
  • 12-2631 (Compatible with Ducati Monster)

All the recalled products above were produced in the color black and can be returned to the manufacturer in exchange for a functional replacement. However, if you have been harmed in an accident caused by the Woodcraft clip-on handlebar adapter, you may be eligible to receive appropriate compensation from the manufacturer.

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