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Parents of Autistic Boy Injured During Gym Class Seek Justice

An autistic boy, D.M., a student at Kennemer Middle School in Duncanville suffered serious injuries, including a severe gash shaped in an arch just above his right eye. Doctors report that his eyes socket has also been fractured. Allegedly, the injury occurred while he was in gym class. D.M.’s parents describe him as “nonverbal,” and are unable to explain the incident.

His parents were alerted immediately after the accident. They are turning to the school district for answers but have received conflicting reports about the incident, with no definitive answers.

What Is Known So Far

School staff, district officials, and others who were present at the time of the accident have no given the family any accurate accounts. One spokesperson for the Duncanville Independent School District stated that student safety is of the utmost priority and that an investigation is still ongoing.

Other facts about the incident:

  • There were at least 3 adults present to monitor the special needs class
  • D.M. suffered a gash above his right eye, nerve damage, a fractured eye socket, as well as a concussion
  • His injuries may take several months to heal
  • His doctors fear that the injury may have a negative impact on his eyesight in the future
  • This is the second incident of injury to D.M. while on the property of Duncanville ISD
  • The district has promised to monitor his safety once he returns to school

ISD has a strict policy: whenever a child has been injured on campus, no matter how minor it may seem, a thorough investigation must take place. As of now, the family has little information about the incident but is seeking legal counsel at the moment to learn more about their legal options.

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