Texas Employees’ Rights to Rest Breaks & Meal Time

Federal Law Requires Paid Breaks for Workers in Texas

Federal laws require employers to pay laborers for the hours they spend working, including breaks, which may be designated at employers’ discretion. Employees who choose or are required to work during lunch hours must be paid for that time, even if their employer refers to this as a “lunch break.” They are also required to pay employees during provided rest breaks.

Meal Breaks Not Required in Texas

Texas employers are not necessarily required to provide full-length (30 minutes or more) lunch breaks for their employees during the work day, but they must still pay employees for all hours worked. Workers’ rights to small breaks during the day are still protected in the state of Texas, and employers must pay employees for this time. (These may include small periods of time such as bathroom breaks and water breaks, though these may not necessarily be officially sanctioned rest time.)

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