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  • Parents of Autistic Boy Injured During Gym Class Seek Justice

    An autistic boy, D.M., is a student at Kennemer Middle School in Duncanville suffered serious injuries , including severe gash shaped in an arch just above his right eye. Doctors report that his eyes socket has also been fractured. Allegedly, the injury occurred while he was in gym class. D.M.’s parents describe him as “nonverbal,” and is unable to explain the incident. His parents were alerted ...
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  • Sex Workers Promised Assistance File Suit Against Relativity Media

    Three sex workers who were featured on the A&E reality TV show, “8 Minutes,” have filed a case against the production company, Relativity Media. The three individuals were promised “life-changing” opportunities, according to their testimony. The show centered on a former police officer, now a pastor, who staged an intervention. The pastor would pose as a client and would call the sex workers to ...
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